Academic Facilities


ISCS boasts state-of-the-art school facilities that provide an enriching and conducive environment for learning. Our campus is equipped with modern classrooms, each designed to facilitate interactive and dynamic teaching methods. In addition to traditional learning spaces, we have dedicated areas for specialised subjects such as science laboratories, computer labs, auditorium, and activity rooms all outfitted with the latest equipment and resources to enhance the learning experience.

Our library is a hub of knowledge, stocked with an extensive collection of books, encyclopaedias, and digital resources to support students' academic pursuits. Furthermore, our well-maintained sports facilities, including a gymnasium, sports fields, and courts, encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

At ISCS, we prioritise safety and security, and as such, our campus is equipped with robust security measures, including surveillance systems and controlled access points, always ensuring the wellbeing of our students.

Additionally, we understand the importance of creating spaces that foster creativity and collaboration. As such, we have designated areas for group work, project-based learning, and extracurricular activities, all designed to promote a holistic and interactive educational experience.

With our diverse range of facilities, we aim to provide a comprehensive learning environment that caters to the various needs and interests of our students, ultimately enabling them to excel academically and personally.