Our School

Welcome to the International School of Creative Science in Bahrain!


Since its inception in 2002, BEAM ISCS Schools has stood as a beacon of educational excellence firmly rooted in values. We extend our services to communities in the UAE and Bahrain, dedicated to instilling moral principles that permeate every aspect of our daily routines and interactions, reflecting our deep-seated ethos and culture.

Located in the heart of the rapidly growing Riffa community, ISCS has played a vital role in fostering educational brilliance. We take great pride in being the foremost provider of education, built upon enduring core values and principles, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning.

Our picturesque campus, embraced by the dynamic backdrop of Riffa's vibrant community, stands as a testament to our commitment to providing an inclusive and nurturing environment for all students. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, whether amongst administrators, teachers, students, parents, or various stakeholders.

At ISCS, we wholeheartedly embrace a holistic approach to student development, valuing not only academic competence but also the cultivation of core values and principles, along with the nurturing of a robust moral compass. Coupled with our steadfast emphasis on parental involvement, ISCS stands as an appealing choice for families both within Bahrain and those relocating to Bahrain, seeking an enriching educational journey for their children.

Benefits of learning at ISCS

  • Holistic Education

    ISCS prioritises the development of the whole child, focusing on academic excellence, values, and character building.

  • Cultural Inclusivity

    Welcoming students of all nationalities, ISCS provides a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

  • Creative and Critical Thinking

    The curriculum is designed to nurture creative and critical thinking skills, preparing students for a dynamic world.

  • Strong Moral Foundation

    Values are integrated into daily routines, ensuring students develop a strong moral compass.

  • Academic Rigour

    ISCS offers the National Curriculum of England and the Bahrain MOE curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic Education, and Citizenship, providing a comprehensive and challenging academic experience.

  • Unique Quran Memorization Program

    Renowned for its specialised program, ISCS promotes cultural and spiritual growth through a sustained Quran Program.

  • Two Decades of Educational Expertise

    Drawing on knowledge from sister schools, ISCS incorporates international best practices into teaching methodologies.

  • Safe and Conducive Learning Environment

    Collaborating with local authorities and safety partners, ISCS ensures facilities are secure for optimal learning.

  • Global Citizenship

    Through academic excellence and virtues, ISCS aims to develop students into successful and contributing members of a global society.

Why International School of Creative Science?

  • Safety First

    ISCS prioritises the safety and well-being of every student, maintaining secure and conducive learning environments.

  • Holistic Education

    The curriculum nurtures creative and critical thinking skills while instilling a strong moral compass, fostering well-rounded development.

  • Cultural Inclusivity

    ISCS welcomes students of all nationalities, creating a diverse and enriching educational community.

  • Academic Excellence

    Offering the National Curriculum of England and the Bahrain MOE curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic Education, and Citizenship, ISCS ensures a rigorous and comprehensive learning experience.

  • Quran Memorization Program

    Renowned for its unique program, ISCS promotes cultural and spiritual growth through Quranic studies.

  • Integrated Values

    Values are woven into daily routines, providing a foundation for ethical decision-making and character development.

  • Drawing on Expertise

    Leveraging two decades of educational knowledge from sister schools, ISCS incorporates international best practices into teaching.

  • Global Perspective

    Through academic rigour and virtues, ISCS aims to develop students into successful and contributing members of a global society.

  • Future-Oriented Learning

    ISCS prepares students for a dynamic world by cultivating creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Personalised Attention

    With a focus on the individual needs of each student, ISCS ensures a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

Bukhatir Education:
Pioneering Two Decades of Educational Excellence

Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management International (BEAM) stands as a comprehensive educational entity with a rich legacy in crafting thriving educational institutions and implementing advanced management and training systems in the UAE and internationally.

Renowned for its exceptional operation of Creative Science Schools throughout the UAE, Bukhatir Education oversees the groups of International Schools of Creative Science (ISCS) and the groups of American Schools of Creative Science (ASCS), collectively educating over 11,000 students in Sharjah and Dubai. These schools provide a premium education, blending international curricula with robust Arabic language and Islamic Education programs, all within a faith-based learning environment. This distinctive approach is meticulously designed to instil time-honoured moral values, ethos, and a pursuit of academic excellence.

Bukhatir Education is dedicated to investing in the professional growth and development of schools and extends its expertise in management services to independent owners. Beyond its commitment to the education sector, Bukhatir Education has made a significant impact in the UAE by upholding the tradition of "Excellence Rooted in Values."

With an unwavering focus on achieving outstanding teaching and learning outcomes, Bukhatir Education ensures a top-tier academic faculty, bolstered by cutting-edge facilities, technology, and infrastructure. This commitment solidifies our pursuit of educational excellence and steadfast dedication to shaping future leaders.


Excellence Rooted in Values

Our motto sums up our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of achievement while remaining firmly secured in our core principles and beliefs. This signifies our dedication to not only strive for academic excellence, but also to foster a community characterised by integrity, respect, and ethical conduct. This foundational philosophy permeates every area of our school, shaping the way we teach, and interact, ultimately cultivating well-rounded learners who are not only accomplished in their pursuits, but also grounded in the values that guide them.