General Manager’s Message

General Manager’s Message

Shadi Hassan

General Manager

I extend a warm welcome to the International School of Creative Science, a community that embraces change and prioritises student education through collaboration with parents and the wider community. Our school is recognized for creating nurturing, safe, and supportive learning environment where every child reaches their full potential.

Here, students receive a well-rounded international education, seamlessly blending UK and MOE curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic Education, and Citizenship with their own cultural values. Our passionate faculty not only possess high-quality teaching practices but also deeply care about their students' growth.

We continually assess and enhance learning expectations, ensuring our students receive the right support. Our foundation is built on exceptional caring teachers, a supportive Governing Body, and strong partnerships with local communities. Our programs, including the Quran program, instil lifelong learning and equip students to face any challenges ahead.

With a focus on value-based excellence, ISCS prioritises a culture of care and implements robust safeguarding measures. Every staff member is trained to provide a secure learning environment.

We believe in the boundless potential of every student. Hence, ISCS nurtures social, emotional, and academic development, offering diverse learning experiences that celebrate each student's unique strengths.

Together, with parents, students, and staff, let us continue to build upon the International Creative Science School's achievements to ensure every student is well-prepared for the future.

Warm regards,