Our Leadership

Leadership at the International School of Creative Science, Bahrain

Leadership at the International School of Creative Science, Bahrain is composed of carefully chosen professionals distinguished by their extensive experience, expertise, and dedication to delivering outstanding educational outcomes for our diverse student body. Each member of our leadership team brings a wealth of experience from British or international educational settings. Their visionary approach and firm sense of mission play a pivotal role in guiding our students and educators towards a brighter future. Every leader takes immense pride in serving the entire learning community, with a central focus on consistently assessing the influence they have on students and their learning experiences. This commitment to driving positive impact propels them to consistently make decisions that prioritise the needs and growth of our students.


The team at ISCS Bahrain are carefully selected from the international educational community, for their qualifications, and dedication to the vision and mission of the school.

At ISCS Bahrain, faculty who teach the UK National curriculum have Qualified Teacher Status, from the United Kingdom, and are committed to the outcomes we aspire for our students. Teachers of MOE subjects are specialists of their fields, with teaching qualifications, ensuring that our passion for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran, have depth and breadth in delivery.

Our continuous development program ensures that teachers are kept up to date in their skills, in line with the school’s priorities, and international best practices. Leaders are encouraged to access the UK’s National Professional Qualifications, and complete research projects based on school’s improvement priorities.